GREETINGS FELLOW MATHEMATICIANS! Welcome to A Learning Place A Teaching Place!

The enormous number of K-6 Maths resources at A Learning Place A Teaching Place can be confusing to navigate! The SHORT GUIDED TOUR of the site covers ‘Teaching Resources’. The LONGER COMPLETE GUIDED TOUR covers everything on the entire site!

For a programming strategy that may be used as whole grade, check out GRADE PROGRAMMING.

For a strategy to differentiate the Grade Program to meet the learning levels of understanding of the students in your class, check out INDIVIDUAL TEACHER DIFFERENTIATING PROGRAMMING.

Want samples of what the program could look like across weeks? Check out our DAY-BY-DAY WEEKS

There are an enormous number of resources at A Learning Place A Teaching Place! While these resources include teaching plans, videos, investigations and problem solving, the real purpose of A Learning Place A Teaching Place is Teacher Professional learning! Professional learning is intended to change understanding and pedagogy! The change process takes time – and can involve feelings of concern! The Concerns-based Adoption Model of Change (CBAM) can help us to navigate this process!

arrow 90 days  Let’s take a tour!
arrow 90 days     Let’s start with Place Value
arrow 90 days Let’s bring in Addition and Subtraction (and Patterns and Algebra and Money)!
arrow 90 days  Let’s move onto Multiplication and Division and Fractions (and Patterns and Algebra and Money)!
arrow 90 days  And now for some Fractions and Decimals and Place Value (and Patterns and Algebra)!
arrow 90 days  Let’s integrate some Measurement and Geometry!
arrow 90 days  And some Statistics and Probability!
arrow 90 days  It’s about Time!
arrow 90 days  What about Kindergarten / Prep / Reception?
arrow 90 days  Let’s plan a few weeks, integrating related concepts!
arrow 90 days  We’re ready to track our students’ understanding!
arrow 90 days  Let’s differentiate!
arrow 90 days Time to report on our students’ understanding!