Greetings Fellow Mathematician!

Your school is now subscribed!

This email has been sent to both the school email address and the contact email address that you supplied.

PLEASE NOTE: This email contains your invoice WITHOUT a Purchase Order number. If you are a NSW DoE school, please raise the Purchase Order then email the PO number to us at WE will then add the PO number to the invoice and send it to EdConnect (so you don't have to send it without a PO number!) . Your invoice can also be found by selecting My Account, then Invoice.

To log in to your account please go to and use the school email address you entered and the password that you set up. If you forget your password, please select forgot/reset password under the login link on the top of the home page.

If you did not use your school email address when you subscribed, this will cause issues when assigning a Licence Key to yourself - please email us at and we will change this subscription to the school email address.
HOW TO assign Licence Keys to teachers:
  • Please go to
  • Log in using the school username (the school email address you entered when subscribing) and the password you set up.
  • Select My Account.
  • Select Subscription. You will find the school subscription information at the top of the page. You can add further licences here.
  • Scroll down to the section to add teachers to the subscription.
  • Select a Licence Type.
  • Select a Licence Key from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the teacher's email address.
  • Select ADD LICENCE.
* The teacher will be added to the School Licence List below.
* The teacher will receive an email with the instructions to register as part of the school subscription using their assigned Licence Key.
These instructions are also listed below for your information.
For your information, here are the instructions that are emailed to a teacher to register as part of the school subscription using their Licence Key:
  • Please go to
  • Select Membership.
  • Select Licence Key.
  • Copy and paste the Licence Key.
  • Complete your information.
The teacher will then be able to log in as a teacher and access the whole site. The school login will be able to see when the teacher has activated their Licence Key by selecting My Account, then Subscriptions.
Further instructions (to change the teacher assigned to a Licence Key, to resend the Licence Key to the teacher, to add further Licence Keys) can be found by selecting My Account, then Subscriptions.
If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at We love to hear from you.