Track and Report Student Understanding

At A Learning Place A Teaching Place teachers can track their students’ understanding, creating individual student and class reports. 

NB: If you are a teacher registered as part of a school subscription, you will not be able to access Student Tracking and Reporting until your school admin has assigned you to a class.

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Once registered, you can:
Easily and quickly create a list of students in your class, add more students, move students between registered classes, or remove students who have left the school.

Class Management

Easily track your students’ understanding across all mathematical concepts. Simply select a concept.

Student Tracking

Then tick off the levels that each child has demonstrated their understanding of. Select update to enter the data. Hover over the level to see a description of the level.

Student Tracking AS4
View a complete profile of each student‘s current levels of understanding by selecting a child’s name in the class list.

Student Profile 2

This can be used as formative assessment.
For example, this child has demonstrated understanding of Addition at Levels 3.3 and Subtraction Level 4.3 – adding and subtracting counting by ones. The child has also demonstrated understanding of Place Value at Level 6 – Friends of 10, but not at Level 7 – Place Value of Teen Numbers or Level 8 – Partitioning. The profile tells us that before being able to move on in Addition and Subtraction Levels 6 – add using place value, and 7 – subtract using place value, the child will need to develop their understanding of these Place Value concepts. 

View and download student reports by selecting the ‘Student Profile and Reports’ 

Student Profile 4This can be used as summative assessment, and provide evidence-based comments for children’s school reports.

Download complete class data sets as a spreadsheet.

Class Report

If you are the teacher who registered your school, you can manage the teachers’ assignment to classes, and view  all students’ data from all classes, assign teachers to classes at any time, including at the start of each school year. Viewing all student data will allow you to set and track progress towards SMART school targets in the school Management Plan, and track and report on targets and student achievement for the Annual School Report.