Welcome to A Learning Place A Teaching Place, where Teacher Professional Learning coincides with Student Learning.

A Learning Place A Teaching Place is first and foremost a site for Teacher Professional Learning. All researchers agree that the way to improve student learning, is through practice-focused teacher learning to increased conceptual understanding. This is a long-term goal.

Who might subscribe? Teachers who want to deepen their own mathematical and pedagogical understanding as their students develop theirs.

All testimonials on this page are unsolicited comments in response to teachers’ posts on independent Facebook Group ‘On Butterfly Wings’ (used with permission).

What are schools saying?

We have been working closely with A Learning Place A Teaching Place, building our teachers’ capacity and confidence in teaching maths- and we are seeing great results.

We can’t live without it. Everything is going very well. We are beginning a lot of mentoring around mathematics which is great. A lot of new and beginning teachers. The problem we are finding is that teachers don’t understand conceptual development and feel the need to push the kids through content they don’t understand.

We are small schools but very complicated in terms of mathematics delivery. For instance, I will officially be teaching years 4/5/6 but I know there are some children still operating at Year 2 level. Very complex in terms of planning and delivery and your site is so amazing in terms of differentiation and resourcing. Let alone being research based. You are ticking all the boxes in my past and present experience!!!! I am an experienced and dedicated teacher and am seriously impressed!!

Our school is now in its 2nd year using it K-6 and results are great!

The website is awesome. It is has everything parents, teachers and schools need to encourage thinking, reasoning young mathematicians. Thnx.

Our teachers have said that their own maths has improved as a result of teaching this way!

What are teachers saying?

Put simply … Maths makes sense this way!!! Love it!!!

It is amazing and I highly recommend this website for your own professional understanding and growth.

It covers investigation, problem solving, differentiated instruction, tracking, videos, explicit teaching a scope and sequence for every grade, professional learning.

A great resource for teachers and an exceptional way to really build students’ deep understanding of mathematical concepts. It’s amazing!

This is just awesome. Yes, I use it in my classroom but the professional development it has provided me is unbelievable. We have a school subscription, but if I was ever to change schools, I would definitely get a personal subscription!!!

I saw so much growth in mathematical understanding and it really engaged students who previously ‘hated’ maths or thought they were bad at it.

Absolutely love using A Learning Place A Teaching Place this year – the shift in my students’ mathematical thinking and understanding is incredible!

Your work is amazing and so easy to follow. Thank you!’ ‘I am an experienced teacher but am still learning so much about conceptual planning in mathematics through A Learning Place A Teaching Place website. I have subscribed personally for 4 years. The website is continually adding new resources. The teaching videos are wonderful to build your own depth of understanding.

I have been using your website for over a year now and the students have raved about what they can do and the deep understanding they have now got. Other teachers have noticed as well.

Students work at their own level. A lot of work has gone into the scope and sequence and the skills build on as it progresses.

It is the best program I’ve seen! Children acquire DEEP understanding of mathematical concepts and the differentiation and problem solving is awesome! There are also investigations for assessment.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the work and effort that has obviously gone into ‘A Learning Place’. It’s an incredible resource and something I was more than happy to subscribe to. I am a Year 1 teacher at a school in Brisbane QLD. This year our school decided to no longer teach from a text book, however we haven’t had the kind of planning that you have done to underpin/support what we are doing in the classroom.

I personally have found this incredibly frustrating as I come from a specialist background and my planning for that subject was impeccable. What I am so super excited about is that you have done EXACTLY what I envision for our maths program.

It’s changed the way I teach maths, increased my understanding and provided my students with a deep understanding of concepts. When kids come to you and say ‘I used to hate fractions but actually they are quite fun,’ you know you are onto a winner.

It’s so much more than a program! The professional learning alone is worth the money.’ ‘If you don’t want to spend the money initially there are a lot free resources that you could use as a start. I did this but ended up subscribing anyway.