These Elements allow students to apply their developing understanding from the explicit teaching and investigation and problem solving from PLACE VALUE 34 place value of 2- & 3-digit numbers, PLACE VALUE 36 part-whole & partitioning 2- & 3-DIGIT numbers and ADDITION & SUBTRACTION 35 add and subtract non-count by-ones, PLACE VALUE 37 count, order numbers to 1000, including by place values, ADDITION & SUBTRACTION 38 Add and subtract tens and two-digit numbers, and
MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION 3 Divide into arrays and bars, describing using multiplication by partitioning and subitising and commutativity, to solving practical problems involving additive situations, including money transactions; representing situations and choosing calculation strategies; interpreting and communicating solutions in terms of the situation, and using the structure of equal groups to solve multiplication problems, and shares or groups to solve division problems.

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