Teacher Registration with a Licence Key

Greetings Fellow Mathematicians!

Let’s make the main thing the main thing – teaching and learning mathematics with deep understanding.

To register using your license key, please:
- copy and paste your License Key, 
- complete and submit your details, ensuring you enter your email address correctly!

After registering, simply log in using your email address and password.

If you have any problems registering using your licence key, or logging in after registering please:

- check that you have copied and pasted the License Key with no spaces.
- check with your License Key provider that you have entered your email address correctly. If not, your License Key provider can remove your registration, and you can register again using your correct email address.
- if you are still having problems, email us at info@alearningplace.com.au detailing the problem you are experiencing.

  • Fill out the details below.
  • Your email address is your user name.