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Mathematics in the Early Grades: Counting & Cardinality
Education Development Center, Inc research on early numeracy and counting. 

One-to-One Correspondence: Foundation Level
Victorian Department of Education Learning and Teaching Resources on early counting concepts.

Difficulties Children Face When Learning to Count
Ann Gervasoni from Australian Catholic University’s research finding several common difficulties and issues related to learning to count.


The Development of Structure in the Number System
Noel Thomas from Charles Sturt University, Bathurst NSW’s cross-sectional study assessing children’s understanding of the number system.

Multiplicative Patterns on a Place Value Chart
New York State Common Core Mathematics Curriculum conceptual exploration of the multiplicative patterns of the base ten system, including the relationship to metric measurement.

Number Sense Series: A Sense of ‘ten’ and Place Value
Jenni Way’s article on the importance of a strong ‘sense of ten’ as a foundation for both place value and mental calculations.

What is a Ten Frame and why is it a useful tool?
South African Numeracy Chair Project at Rhodes University’s article with research and activities using 10 frames for developing early number relationships.

Standard and non-standard place value partitioning
Hilder Road State School’s examples of partitioning numbers using standard and non-standard place value.

Children’s Understanding of Two-Digit Place Value
University of Virginia’s research finding that the development of young children’s number sense and understanding of the base 10 system is essential for the acquisition of more complex number skills in later years 

Place Value (page 7) 
University of Notre Dame Australia’s research on page 7 explores the complexity of standard place value.

Rethinking Concrete Manipulatives
Clements and McMillen’s NCTM-published research finding the effect of using materials in understanding mathematical concepts depends on the teaching.

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