NAPLAN (an acronym for National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy) is an Australian assessment that children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit in May each year. The Numeracy assessment is designed to assess knowledge of concepts and problem-solving.
Practising NAPLAN style questions may improve a child’s performance in NAPLAN without deepening their understanding of the concepts, or developing their problem solving capacity.
Deep understanding of mathematics concepts, learnt through investigation and problem solving, will improve a child’s performance in NAPLAN.
The graphs in the Testimonial section, from My School website, show the results and improvement of a school that has been focusing their Mathematics teaching and learning using A Learning Place A Teaching Place for 4 years, changing the way they teach and understand maths. So good are their results, they were featured on SBS World News on 5 March 2015.

Every level of every concept on A Learning Place A Teaching Place Website includes NAPLAN style problems in both text and PowerPoint files.
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If you are simply looking for NAPLAN style practice questions, here are some links you may find useful: