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Five interrelated sub-constructs of fractions – part-whole, ratio, operator, quotient, measure
Charalambos Y. Charalambous and Demetra Pitta-Pantazi;  Doug Clarke, Anne Roche & Annie Mitchell; Annie Mitchell

Multiplicative relationships between fractions
Dianne Siemons

Teaching the concept of unit in measurement interpretation of rational number – number lines
H. Bahadir Yanik, Brandon Helding and Alfinio Flores

Advice for making the teaching of fractions a research-based, practical, effective and enjoyable experience in the middle years
Doug Clarke and Anne Roche

Foundations to Learning and Teaching Fractions: Addition and Subtraction
Dr Catherine Bruce, Diana Chang and Tara Flynn, Shelley Yearley

The predominance of procedural knowledge in fractions
Patricia A. Forrester, Mohan Chinnappan

Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Teachers: The Case of Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Dana E. Olanoff

Teaching fractions
Lisa Fazio and Robert Siegler

Fractions and multiplicative reasoning
Patricia W Thompson, Luis A Saldanha

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