So many of our wonderful teachers have been asking for more guidance about what teaching related concepts looks like across weeks, so this is how we would envisage weeks may look. These days are not ‘locked in’ and can be varied throughout the term a children demonstrate their understanding. Your teacher judgement and knowledge of your students supersedes this plan!

The plan demonstrates how related concepts are taught together. Don’t wait until your students have understanding of one concept before including a related concept. By teaching the related concept, their understanding of the original concept will increase! Don’t worry if your students have not ‘mastered’ a concept. They will revisiting the concept repeatedly throughout the year, and throughout future years.

The plans include 5 lessons in a week. If you have fewer lessons (still totalling 5 hours per week), simply adjust the plan! The ‘extra’ concepts in the left hand column are concepts that students have previously investigated. Although there is no new teaching in these concepts in the current term, students need to continue to investigate them once a week to ensure their understanding doesn’t deteriorate. These could be 15 minute sessions during maths lessons (at the beginning or end), or could be 15 minutes before or after a break (morning / recess / lunch), when students are generally silent reading / waiting for roll call etc.

Problem solving is programmed to be taught explicitly, and also embedded in every lesson. For more information, check out Problem Solving in the banner on the home page. Every concept has problems included as a PDF and as an easily differentiated PowerPoint.

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