TEACHING RESOURCES: Teach by Grade and Teach by Concept 
Step-by-step explanation of how to use the Teaching Resources to teach maths.

PROGRAMMING TERMS, WEEKS AND LESSONSWant Grade PROGRAMMING and Individual Teacher DIFFERENTIATING PROGRAMMING to meet the current understanding levels of every student? Want samples of what the program could look like across weeks? Check out our DAY-BY-DAY WEEKS.

CONCERNS NAVIGATING THE CHANGE PROCESS: A Learning Place A Teaching Place is designed for teacher professional learning – this involves change! The Concerns-based Adoption Model of Change (CBAM) can help us to navigate the change process!

RELATIONAL UNDERSTANDING OF MATHSRelational understanding – not instrumental!

FREE RESOURCES: Many resources are free – see our free resources!

PROBLEM SOLVING: 3 strategies for deepening student understanding and capacity, solving cold’ problems, embedding differentiation!

ASSESSMENT AS AND FOR LEARNINGFormative and summative!
Assessment of learning (summative), for learning and as learning (formative).

TRACK AND REPORTTrack your students’ understanding, and at report writing time, your grades and comments are ready to go!!

PRIMARYMATHS.COM.AU: A site for students and parents! And you have free access!