Teach by Grade Annotated

Teaching primary school mathematics for deep understanding of concepts and the relationships between concepts needs quality K-6 maths teaching resources that follow research-based spiralling curriculum grade Scope and Sequences and Concept Sequences.

The teaching resources at A Learning Place A Teaching Place contain everything teachers need to teach primary school mathematics, from Kindergarten / Prep / Reception to Year 6.

If you browse our resources today, you will find detailed grade Scope and Sequences and Concept Sequences, comprehensive teaching plans, videos, problem solving and investigation and reflections. All of our K-6 maths resources for teaching primary mathematics have been carefully designed to ensure they are aligned with both the Australian Curriculum and NSW Mathematics Syllabus. When used in conjunction with one another, the K-6 maths resources will develop deeper mathematical understanding in both teachers and students.

The K-6 maths teaching resources make learning more engaging as every child, from Kindergarten / Prep / Reception to Year 6, is learning at their leading edge! Too many children disengage from Mathematical learning – together we can break this cycle!