Professional Learning

Professional Learning

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The professional learning resources at A Learning Place A Teaching Place are growing! Teacher Professional Learning is being developed to cover Grades, Concepts, Mathematics and Pedagogy.

Existing Professional Learning covers:

LEARN BY GRADE: Select Learn by Grade button above

     * Each grade currently has a short video describing the concepts taught in that grade.

LEARN BY CONCEPT: Select Learn by Concept button above

     * Early Counting and Grouping: Videos and Professional Learning Resource

     * Place Value: Videos, Professional Learning Resource and Leading a Professional Learning Session

     * Addition and Subtraction: Videos, Professional Learning Resource and Leading a Professional Learning Session

     * Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals, Patterns and Algebra, Money and Financial Mathematics: Overview Video

     * Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability: Overview Video 

MATHEMATICS: Select Mathematics button above
     * Problem Solving
     * Algebraic, Additive and Multiplicative Thinking
     * Instrumental vs Relational Thinking

PEDAGOGY: Select Pedagogy button above
     * Explicit Learning
     * Guided and Independent Learning
     * Reflection
     * Planning a Week's Lessons
     * Using the Teaching Resources
     * Differentiated Addition and Subtraction lessons
     * Divergent Thinking
     * Questioning
     * Quality Mathematics Lessons

Mathematics is conceptually based, not skills based. Each concept has natural relationships to other concepts. Children only develop deep understanding of mathematical concepts and the relationships between concepts, through explicit teaching and investigation guided by teachers with deep understanding of the concepts and relationships developed through quality professional development.

At A Learning Place A Teaching Place, you will find professional learning resources that will deepen your understanding, empowering you to develop and enhance your students’ mathematical understanding. Browse now and discover our year-specific Scope and Sequences, and concept-specific Concept Sequences, current Mathematics and Pedagogical research, with related professional learning resources including videos, and agenda and notes to lead a professional development session. The grade Scope and Sequences and Concept Sequences explicitly cover the content descriptions and outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and NSW Mathematics Syllabuses for each grade and concept, and provide teachers with explicit relationships to other concepts.

The research and evidence-based spiralling curriculum within the grade Scope and Sequences, and Concept Sequences, and related professional learning resources accessed via these links, enrich the professional development of primary school teachers to provide children with the best opportunity to develop deep understanding of mathematical concepts and the relationships between concepts. Peruse our Learning resources today!