Are you getting what you paid for? volume and capacity experiment

Posted by , September 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Year 5 completed an experiment measuring the volume of water that could fit into a soft drink bottle when it was filled to capacity. When this experiment was conducted last year (September, 2016), the capacity of the bottle was 620mL to allow room for 600mL of fizzy drink and a little bit of space. Today, (September, 2017) Year 5 found that the capacity of the bottle is only 600mL! This means the volume of the soft drink is less than 600mL!! So, are Soft drink companies saving 20mL of drink per bottle? If so, this would be a massive saving over millions of bottles! To ensure accuracy, we need your help! We need students across Australia to measure the capacity of different 600mL bottles to determine if we are getting what we paid for! We would love to see your experiments, results, photos and videos! Please send them to Download your free Measurement and Geometry Teaching Plan and Investigation below.    Free Volume and Capacity Teaching Plan and...

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