A Learning Place A Teaching Place is an Australian Education Company, founded in 2009 recognised for designing complete research- and curriculum-based K-6 Mathematics Teaching and Professional Learning Courses and Resources that build Teacher Mathematical Understanding, Pedagogy, and Capacity to develop their Students’ Deep Relational Understanding and Metalanguage to Explain.
At A Learning Place a Teaching Place, we successfully turn current learning research into practical quality teaching resources and teacher professional learning,
developing deep relational understanding in both the students and the teachers teaching them.
Founder and resource creator, Carol Spencer:
  • has over 25 years successful experience as teacher and leader in schools in 3 countries (Australia, New Zealand and UK)
  • is a writer and presenter of mathematics curriculum support material for Education Boards and Departments, and A Learning Place A Teaching Place
  • is recognised as an expert provider of research- and evidence-based mathematics professional learning in-class, in-school and out-of-school


Affiliates include TPL4US.com.au, ResourcefulTeaching.shop, PlanITeach.com.au, RelationalMathematics.com.au
We currently create and provide research- and curriculum-based:
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